It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another to make a portrait of who they are.
— paul caponigro
Molly, I absolutely adore the portraits. You have captured their personalities so well, they are amazing.
— Steve, Hove


Head and Shoulders: £3500


Pencil Drawings: 3/4, full face or profile:  £1500

If you require a larger portrait please contact me via email or the form below for more information.

A 30% deposit is due on the agreement of commission by direct transfer and the balance by direct transfer prior to or on the day of proof of completion or delivery of the portrait.   Please note, this is mandatory part of our contract. 

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait from me, please do get in touch via the email address above.  If the painting or drawing is to be of a child, we can either arrange sittings, or as is usually more practical with children, I will work from photographs. If you are London based, or close to London, I prefer to work from my own photographs of the child rather than photographs provided, as I make sure that they are suitable for the medium - lighting, pose, expression.  Therefore we would arrange a time when either you could bring your child to my studio at home in London, or I would come to your home, bringing my camera with me in order to chat to the child, getting to know them a little, before taking some informal photographs.  I then work on the portrait in my studio and contact you when it is completed.  If the portrait is to be of an older child or adult, I discuss the possibility of sittings and, depending on availability, either work with the combination of sittings and photographs or solely photographs.

If you live away from London, or are abroad, I will discuss the kind of photographs I need, and we will go through photographs you have already, even possibly taking some new photos for me to use which are appropriate.  I am always happy to discuss the possibilities and want the process to be as easy and effective as if you were local.

please use the form below to enquire about portraits

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Molly, I love the drawing of Amelia, it’s beautiful. You have got her perfectly thank you so much
— George, London
Wow! Just fabulous. Something to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you so much. I genuinely and completely love them. Just glad you weren’t there to witness the tears! It’s such a subjective thing - a painting - so to be thrilled with everything from the pose, to the palette, the size, the expressions, even the brush strokes is amazing. But above all you’ve captured the essence of each of the girls personalities brilliantly. Something I never expected. A rare talent indeed...
— David, Barnes, London
Oh Wow!! I’ve just got back home to find Andrew and the girls crowded round your wonderful picture. I don’t know how you do it?? You have such an amazing talent. Thank you for being kind to my 40 year old face!!! Every one of your pictures has blown us away, please never stop.

— Georgie, Hampshire
‘They surprised me last week with an absolutely uncanny and beautiful framed drawing of my daughter... Suffice it to say that I blubbed when I opened it and the thing that touched me more than anything else is that you’ve managed to capture...her absolute essence...A thousand thanks.’
— Emily, Bath
Oh my gosh!!! It’s SO amazing! Rosie is up with me (and should be in bed!!!) and just said “it’s beautiful”. She is as thrilled as I am and is very happy that she and James will be facing each other! Thank you, thank you Molly!
— Lucy, Houston, USA
Hi Molly - I’ve got my boys back from the framers at last and I am totally thrilled with them. Huge thanks for such beautiful work.’
— Claire, Hampshire