The Series I - Vi are purposefully without titles other than numbers which refer to their groups.  This signifies a surrender to the unknown: a discarding of identity, definitions, labels, ego.  Each painting becomes universal, a place of discovery and exploration of the sub-conscious for each individual: an ultimate freedom.  

I also take commissions for portraits, please click here to go to the portrait info page.



Most recent work includes the British Independent feature film NARCOPOLIS, which was released in the UK on September 25th 2015 and advertising campaigns for San Miguel and British Airways.



@paintandhaven is a visual journal of inspirational lifestyle images taken by me in and around my home and my city of London. It covers style, interiors, painting, parenthood and nutrition. Occasionally I collaborates with brands I genuinely love and respect. My most recent collaborations include Maguba Shoes, Moss Los Angeles, The Small Home to name a few.